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About us

Kaimzz is a word from the Indian Punjabi language that translate to Very Great or Awesome, which is the experience that we want everyone to have when using this application.

Kaimzz is the brainchild of our founder, who had become, like many, frustrated with the current crop of dating applications. He was looking for the best dating app on the market but there were many issues that he noticed with each one he used, which left him seeking a better alternative, but this search was fruitless. There were common themes that arose that made things difficult for him, no matter the platform, that many users of these applications could relate to. 1st, matches are hard to come by, mainly because of how superficial the premise is. Some people get a lot of likes, while others don’t receive any. Which brings up the 2nd problem, the belief that people are faking who they are. For the people who receive tons of likes, there is an assumption that this person is obviously a fake profile and posing as someone they are not. The 3rd thing that noticed was the pressure put on users who weren’t as popular to find a way to obtain likes.

  • Depending on the application that you are using, there are certain expectations that your match has in mind going into the date, that might not align with what you want to come from your meetup, even if things have been previously discussed.
  • Are you there to hook up, start something with an eye for a long term relationship, just trying to enjoy someone’s company, find new friends, etc.?
  • The last thing that was a problem was the reasoning behind the date, if you were able to progress that far with a match.
  • These are the problems that a lot of people have been dealing with when trying to find love and the number of downloads that these apps have received, showcases that the business model is working but doesn’t necessarily mean that the users are being satisfied.
  • The pay to play wall was another hurdle, that makes users subscribe for more access to more swipes, the ability to view the potential partners.
  • That is why Kaimzz was developed, to be the best dating app on the market and address the concerns that many have about the pool of apps that are currently on the market.


Find Your Friends

Find your friends is a feature in Kaimzz dating application which gives you the platform to even connect by your social media friends.

Chat enabled

You can easily chat with the partner whom you have make your pair with Kaimzz dating application.

Video calling through ar/vr

New mode of video calling through Kaimzz dating application in which you can view your partner in 3D.

Find matches from nearby.

Find the perfect match in your nearby area, neighbours, colleague etc.

Play interesting games with your partner.

Don't just get bored, play many interesting games with your partner through Kaimzz dating application.

Find your match login.

Find your partner/match by just logging in, without any hurdle of making payment at the first step.

Why Kaimzz?

Kaimzz is the answer to solving the problems of online dating. Users already have a myriad of issues with the apps on the market and Kaimzz wants to help in that regard. The application will be one of the first of its kind, providing users with a gaming element which will turn it into true human interaction element which is missing now a days, all wrapped into one application.

People who sign up for Kaimzz will have the opportunity to play different dating scenarios, to see how they would navigate when presented with these various situations. Once these are completed, these can be shared with your matches, who can rate and comment on your different chapters. Once you find a match and scenarios that align with your interests, you can continue on to chat, where you will see the impact of human element provided to you and your match by our gaming platform

This will allow users to have a more personable touch and avoid the dreaded catfishing fear. With these components, Kaimzz is confident that this application will revolutionize the dating world, by bringing something different to the table to combat the problems users have all too often run into while dating online. Dating is already a difficult prospect for a lot of people, so why make it even more complicated or people?

Get everything out of the way and have a better understanding of what you’re getting into and who you are getting to know. Kaimzz will play an active role in pushing this forward because we don’t just care about your relationship with us, but also the ones you make on our app. Because at the end of the day, what’s really important is relationships and we believe that.

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