Response: How does being a Catholic make sense to you?

In the April 29 issue of The Tidings, readers were invited to respond to Father Ken Deasy’s reflection, “How does being a Catholic make sense to you?” This week, we continue to present readers’ responses to this question. A new topic will be offered May 17.

‘God will always be there for me’
I am finding out every day the real meaning of being a Catholic. It's my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the hardships, trials and doubts that come along the way. Being a Catholic has taught me what true faith, hope and love are.

—The faith that, no matter what happens, God will always be there for me.

—The hope that, no matter how imperfect I am, my heavenly Father is always there to accept me.

—And the last and most important one, which took me 40 years to learn and I'm still learning, is love. Love is not only loving my family and friends, or the people in my church, but also learning to accept and respect other people regardless of the differences in our religious beliefs.

Because, at the end of the day, I am not just a Catholic, but also a child of God. And God is all about LOVE.

Sarah Pia Cantila

‘It is who I am’
Why am I Christian? That’s simple; in Peter’s words, “You have the words of eternal life.” But I’ve asked myself, "Why be a Catholic Christian?" especially because I know people of virtue and generosity who belong to other denominations.

I’ve noticed many denominations have names with the suffix “ist” or “an” (e.g. Methodist, Lutheran) to indicate their specific beliefs.

In the past Catholics were sometimes called “Papists,” but we didn’t accept that label, because being Catholic is much more than what we believe — it is our family. This is why we call Mary our mother, our priests “father” and the Pope “Papa.”

The Mass is my family meal. The saints are my role models and I ask them to pray for me, as I would ask any family member.

The Catholic Church is fundamentally who I am and it is my home — it’s that simple.

Steve Mills

‘The sign of the cross is special’
I am a Roman Catholic convert baptized 2006. I married a Catholic girl in 1968 and raised my two sons as Catholic.

I was raised in the secular world but did believe there was a God above watching over me. As a child, I always admired the sign of the cross I saw on TV and in movies, and knew this was something special that only the Catholic Church used as a sign from God.

The sign of the cross is what will keep the Catholic Church strong until the end of time. I once did an announcement at the end of Mass about a coming event, and I added that I was a convert to the Catholic church. I told the congregation that I asked God for a sign as to which church I should join. I looked up toward heaven in church and said, “This is the sign he gave me.” I then made the sign of the cross and received a very loud ovation by the whole church.

David Crow Cope
Newbury Park

The Tidings will continue to present reflections from members of its Editorial Council, and responses from as many readers as space permits. Responses are subject to editing; please limit your responses to 200 words, and either email them to, or mail them to The Tidings (attn.: Perspectives), 3424 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010. Please include your full name, address, email and telephone number.


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