• A Lenten Journey through the School of Mary

    One day, many years ago, when I was studying theology, we received a visit from our superior general. I shared with him some of the difficulties that I was encountering in fulfilling the mission with which I was entrusted.

  • ‘But now my eyes see you’

    The Book of Job often takes pride of place in Lenten reading. It seems fitting to reflect upon Job’s dramatic suffering and struggle during a time of repentance; to meditate on guilt and sin, patience and the reality of just and unjust suffering.

  • Thirsting for clean water

    We turn on our faucets and out comes water — clean, refreshing, plentiful, life-sustaining water. But we rarely give it a thought. We just tend to take for granted that it will always be there. We even forget to thank God — the well-spring of life.

  • Embracing our Crosses

    Even if we are too proud to admit it, all of us are in need of healing. Looking back at our personal stories, we often struggle with the memories of difficult experiences and the wounds of past hurts.

  • A new awareness of how to live and serve

    The early weeks of Lent coincided with the death of a friend, who died before her time. Sad as it was, her death has brought a new and positive awareness to my experience of Lent.

  • From a ‘rigorous’ mindset to a ‘body of Christ’ mindset

    As I noted in last week’s (March 14) article, I am encouraged to see that the L.A. Archdiocese includes the following in its Catholic schools’ mission statement:

  • The Transformative Power of the Cross

    As a missionary working in Jos, in central Nigeria, I was sometimes asked to give a ride to one of my friends who needed to go to the airport in Kano, about four hours north of Jos.

  • Lent: Give when it hurts a bit

    I was a little shy of ten years old when I had what may have been my most spiritually profitable Lent ever. Looking back now, I can see clearly that I owed that to my mother. And the Purple Monster.

  • Our Lenten Transfiguration

    Our Lenten pilgrimage has only just begun. We have received ashes, symbol of repentance and renewal; and we have begun our ascetical program.

  • Honoring your child’s learning style, Part I

    Every week I get calls from distressed parents seeking solutions for their children who are struggling in school. I’ve answered these kinds of calls for more than 20 years. But I don’t think I will ever get used to it.

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The beatitude of the persecuted

Archbishop José H. Gomez

This Sunday we begin Holy Week. Our Lenten journey has led us to the final hours of Our Lord’s life, in which he suffered torture and death on the Cross.

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