• Former NFL player and cancer fighter Chris Spielman on surrendering to God’s will

    In 1998, NFL linebacker Chris Spielman — an OSU standout who went on to play for the Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns — stepped away from an entire NFL season to help his high school sweetheart and wife Stefanie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant at the age of 30.

  • An interview with Jeff Bearden

    As a former professional wrestler of 25 years, Jeff Bearden knows quite a bit about knocking people down. But Bearden’s greatest passion is quite the opposite: encouraging people to get back up. In fact, the seven foot, 350-pound Bearden, who once operated under names such as “Giant Warrior,” “Big Tiger Steele” and “Colossus the Giant,” is today known as the “Get Back On Your Feet Guy” in his current work as a motivational speaker.

  • A triumph through remarkable trial - the story of one Catholic athlete

    Remembering the words spoken by then-five year-old Valeria Tkacik still gives her mother, Anne, goose bumps.

  • 11th annual Catholic Prayer Breakfast

    Legendary Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz cracked jokes and shared his faith before thousands packed the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles Sept. 15 at the annual Los Angeles Catholic Prayer Breakfast.



  • Former Baltimore Raven Matt Birk stands up for his faith and life

    Sometimes, the only way to respond to the chance of a lifetime is to respect life and say no.

  • Crespi standouts take on the NFL

    Every high school football player dreams of hearing his name called by Roger Goodell in the NFL Draft. Roughly .08 percent of all high school football players hear that call.

  • Lauren Hill, 19, dies after fight with brain cancer

    A year and a half ago, Lauren Hill was just another teenage girl getting ready to go to college. Her life became a dizzying whirlwind when she was diagnosed with DIPG, a form of terminal brain cancer.



  • Luke Willson plays hard, prays harder

    Seattle Seahawks tight end Luke Willson already has a leg up on the best tight end to play the game of football, Tony Gonzalez: Wilson has appeared in, and won, a Super Bowl. 

  • The World Series: Local Catholic HS participants

    Some 15 graduates of high schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese and Orange Diocese have appeared in baseball’s World Series, beginning with Tillie Shafer for the New York Giants in 1912 and 1913. Shafer — who attended the high school division of St. Vincent's College’s (now known as Loyola High School and Loyola Marymount University) — hit .158 in his eight World Series games.

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Iowa and us in a Year of Mercy

Kathryn Jean Lopez

It was in the general-purpose room of St. Francis of Assisi Church in West Des Moines that Donald Trump made his last pitch to Iowa voters, inside a caucus room. He wanted to make sure people remembered that not only will he build the wall on our border with Mexico, but that he’s the only candidate who will make Mexico pay for it.


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