• Movie Review: "Monkey Kingdom"

    Timely social commentary may seem an unlikely ingredient in a wildlife documentary. Yet it’s hard to miss the implicit human subtext underlying the enjoyable chronicle “Monkey Kingdom” (Disneynature).

  • ‘The Drop Box’: A pro-life documentary

    For most film school students, a successful project means creating a compelling movie that is skillful enough to draw a good grade and maybe even an agent. But for Brian Ivie, making the student short that evolved into the full-length documentary “The Drop Box” changed his life.



  • Spanish film brings story of 'Three Rebel Monks' to life

    A group of young adults in Spain are bringing to the big screen a novel about the renewal of the Cistercian Order by three saints who strove to recover the poverty, simplicity and austerity of the early monastic era.

  • Movie Review: "Do You Believe?"

    Despite its title, the competent ensemble drama “Do You Believe?” (Pure Flix) is not a film well calculated to invite the attention of the inquisitive, still less to convert the doubtful.

  • Movie Review: "Cinderella"

    Disney injects vibrant new life into a venerable fairy tale. The result is an exuberant live-action retelling of the oft-filmed fable, the most famous screen version of which is Disney’s classic 1950 animated feature.

  • Movie Review: "The Divergent Series: Insurgent"

    Teenagers are still on the run — when they’re not too busy killing one other — in “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” (Summit), the follow-up to last year’s kick-off of the futuristic franchise.

  • The art of dying

    This is not some sorrowful Lenten reminiscence with a litany of how I was scared by too-tough nuns. Although I will always remember asking Sister Angela Claire if I could get a drink of water one particularly scorching October day in the Valley ...

  • Movie Review: "Chappie"

    Frequently mayhem-ridden and only sporadically moving, the sci-fi drama “Chappie” (Columbia) offers a meager return on the considerable investment of persevering through its pyrotechnics.



  • Kevin Costner has his mojo back

    There are few present-day actors who are as beloved and as worthy of all-time icon status as Kevin Costner. After all, in one incredible stretch between 1987 and 1992, he gave the world this string of hits that have stood the test of time: “The Untouchables,” “No Way Out,” “Bull Durham,” “Field of Dreams,” “Dances with Wolves,” “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” “JFK” and “The Bodyguard.”

  • Film review: "The DUFF"

    Meet “The DUFF” (Lionsgate), a derivative comedy based on a demeaning premise: that certain students are branded the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.”

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Living the liturgical year

Archbishop José H. Gomez

In the Church’s liturgy in these coming months, we continue to follow Jesus in his public ministry until we reach the final days of his teaching about the kingdom to come. We end the year by celebrating the truth he has revealed — that he is the Christ, the King of the Universe.  

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