• For filmmakers, 'Little Boy' moved mountains of its own

    A new film from award-winning writer and director Alejandro Monteverde proved to not only tell a story of faith, but to strengthen the faith of those working on it as well.

  • ‘Little Boy’ released

    Catholic filmmakers are releasing “Little Boy” in theaters April 24. The movie takes place during World War II and follows 7-year-old Pepper Busbee as he does everything in his power to bring his soldier father back home after he goes missing behind enemy lines.

  • Movie Review: "Unfriended"

    Mundane computer screens become conduits for terror in “Unfriended” (Universal), a teenagers-in-trouble horror film with a cybertwist.



  • Movie Review: "Monkey Kingdom"

    Timely social commentary may seem an unlikely ingredient in a wildlife documentary. Yet it’s hard to miss the implicit human subtext underlying the enjoyable chronicle “Monkey Kingdom” (Disneynature).

  • ‘The Drop Box’: A pro-life documentary

    For most film school students, a successful project means creating a compelling movie that is skillful enough to draw a good grade and maybe even an agent. But for Brian Ivie, making the student short that evolved into the full-length documentary “The Drop Box” changed his life.



  • Spanish film brings story of 'Three Rebel Monks' to life

    A group of young adults in Spain are bringing to the big screen a novel about the renewal of the Cistercian Order by three saints who strove to recover the poverty, simplicity and austerity of the early monastic era.

  • Movie Review: "Do You Believe?"

    Despite its title, the competent ensemble drama “Do You Believe?” (Pure Flix) is not a film well calculated to invite the attention of the inquisitive, still less to convert the doubtful.

  • Movie Review: "Cinderella"

    Disney injects vibrant new life into a venerable fairy tale. The result is an exuberant live-action retelling of the oft-filmed fable, the most famous screen version of which is Disney’s classic 1950 animated feature.

  • Movie Review: "The Divergent Series: Insurgent"

    Teenagers are still on the run — when they’re not too busy killing one other — in “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” (Summit), the follow-up to last year’s kick-off of the futuristic franchise.

  • The art of dying

    This is not some sorrowful Lenten reminiscence with a litany of how I was scared by too-tough nuns. Although I will always remember asking Sister Angela Claire if I could get a drink of water one particularly scorching October day in the Valley ...

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Easter and beyond

Anne Hansen

We move quickly from our major religious holidays each year. It’s not intentional. Life hurries along and as soon as the sun sets on one holiday the next is being touted by merchants looking to sell us whatever the next big day brings. To remain in the spirit of the religious holiday — in this case Easter — takes deliberate intention.

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April 26, 2015

  • Sunday, April 26

    Special Needs Mass, 10 a.m., Father Maguire Council Hall, 4315 N. Vincent Ave, Covina.Mass for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, their families and caregivers. For more information, contact Elizabeth, (909) 599-9833, ebinerfamily@gmail.com.

    Reconsecration Mass with Archbishop Gomez, 12 p.m., Our Lady of the Bright Mount Polish Church, 3424 W Adams Blvd., Los Angeles.

    90th Anniversary Celebration with Mass and Reception, 2 p.m., Our Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Community, 2060 N Vermont Ave., Los Angeles. (323) 664-2111. www.omogc.org.

    Wine Tasting for a Song, 4:30-6:30 p.m. Salt Creek Grille Restaurant, Monarch Bay Plaza, 32801 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point. $35/person. $25/person for subscribers. Sponsored by the de Angelis Vocal Ensemble Board of Directors. Featuring hors d’oeuvres, wine from Dragonette Cellars in Santa Barbara and a wine auction.


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