• Scientific ‘Breakthrough’

    If you are of a certain age, you hear the old theme music for the “National Geographic Specials” and immediately images of grizzly bears cavorting in Yellowstone, sherpas scaling Everest or Egyptian tombs being investigated fill your head. Well, at least my head. here was a time when “National Geographic Specials” were actually special.   

  • ‘The 33’: A movie ‘about having faith … and coming back to life’

    “This movie is about being trapped and alone and facing death, but it is equally about having faith and, in a way, coming back to life,” stated director Patricia Riggen. “It’s about rebirth and the strength of the human spirit and so much more.”

  • Spotlight

    The clergy abuse-themed drama "Spotlight" (Open Road) is a movie no Catholic will want to see. Whether it's a film many mature Catholics ought to see is a different question entirely.

  • Movie Review: "Burnt"

    Can’t get enough of TV cooking star Gordon Ramsay’s trademark rages and rants? Their fictional equivalent is as close as your nearest multiplex, courtesy of the ego-driven culinary drama “Burnt” (Weinstein).

  • Movie Review: "Our Brand is Crisis"

    An unstable mix of cynicism and simplistic idealism corrodes the entertainment value of the loosely fact-based political comedy, “Our Brand Is Crisis” (Warner Bros.).

  • After nearly 500 years, Our Lady of Guadalupe still has something to tell us

    The miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is centuries old and her message to St. Juan Diego has been translated into numerous languages over the years. Countless books have been written about the apparition, and the tilma itself has been intensely scrutinized by scientists.

  • Movie Review: "99 Homes"

    Trenchant, didactic and unflinching, “99 Homes” (Broad Green) also is an example of profoundly moral filmmaking.

  • ‘Hush’ sets politics aside, examines impact of abortion on women

    “Hush,” a documentary that debuted Oct. 15 at the Los Angeles Femme International Film Festival, is the brainchild of a Canadian duo that set out to discover for themselves how abortion impacts women. In the process, they found things are not always what they seem.

  • Halloween: A billion dollar industry taken over by adults

    Halloween, like the Muppets it seems, is another casualty of the war on children. It’s not a “hot” war of course, just an assault of a thousand cuts that eventually takes things away from children that used to be their domain. Halloween was like that when I was in full trick-or-treating mode and for that moment in time I am thankful.

  • Movie Review: "Steve Jobs"

    As the lively profile of a wildly successful uber-geek, “Steve Jobs” (Universal) is likely to appeal to many a youthful tech fan.

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A blaze of praise

Father Ed Benioff

If you say nice things about my preaching — or my writing, or my shoes — I have to admit, I’ll be pleased. I’ll remember what you said. Pay me a compliment, and it may even change the course of my day. That’s the power of praise when it’s directed at another human being. For a moment, it makes us feel like we’re the object of admiration and even love.


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