• Family Theater production wins three awards

    “Family Dinner,” an independent short film produced by Family Theatre Productions, has received awards at three major festivals: the Gabriel Awards, the New York Festivals and the Telly Awards.

  • The Godly Sherlock Holmes

    In “Mr. Holmes,” audiences are shown a side of Sherlock Holmes which has received short shrift since the turn of the century — his spirituality and essential goodness.

  • Mr. Holmes’ – A return to the authentic Sherlock

    Not since 1974, when reviewers were startled to find 11 different publishing houses boasting 11 new Sherlock Holmes titles, including Nicholas Meyer’s blithely literate “The Seven-Percent Solution,” has the Great Detective enjoyed so extensive a cultural revival.


  • Movie Review: "Self/less"

    The gunfire and car crashes that dominate the second hour of the soul-swapping thriller “Self/less” (Focus) are sure signs that this ponderous property has run out of ideas.

  • Movie Review: "Minions"

    Fillet it how you will, “Minions” (Universal) is a treat.



  • Movie Review: "Love & Mercy"

    In “Love & Mercy” (Roadside), a profile of Brian Wilson, the driving force behind 1960s chart toppers the Beach Boys, director Bill Pohlad focuses on lengthy scenes showing the young Wilson (Paul Dano) laboriously crafting his distinctive sound in recording studios. It’s an intelligent, steady approach.

  • Movie Review: "Faith of Our Fathers"

    Director Carey Scott’s “Faith of Our Fathers” (Pure Flix) is a well-intentioned but awkwardly uneven account of Christianity’s impact on two generations of families.

  • Movie Review: "Magic Mike XXL"

    Don’t let those fancy Roman numerals in its title fool you — the male stripper sequel “Magic Mike XXL” (Warner Bros.) isn’t just for intellectuals.

  • Movie Review: "Terminator: Genisys"

    Any movie plot that hangs on the ability of an adult character to journey into the past to give vital advice to himself as a child is bound to register as somewhat convoluted.

  • Wedding bell blues

    Instead of railing against the sins of pop culture media, I’d rather praise examples of moments of grace and examples of true Christian marriage where it has emerged. Illustrative of the arid clime of current examples of Christian marriage in movies and television today, of the two examples I’m about to give, neither one is a television show — one is a cartoon and the other, a film that was made the year I was born — but if you want to see either of them you’ll still need a DVD and a television.


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The healing place of silence

Father Ronald Rolheiser, OMI

A recent book by Robyn Cadwallander, “The Anchoress,” tells the story of a young woman, Sarah, who chooses to shut herself off from the world and lives as an anchoress (like Julian of Norwich).


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