• The Huntsman: Winter’s War

    The Huntsman: Winter’s War” (Universal) is both a prequel and a sequel. As such, it falls between two stools — with a resounding thud.

  • The gun issue and Abigail Disney’s ‘The Armor of Light’

    Some of us see a disconnect between supporting the child in the womb and also promoting gun ownership. Others see guns as precisely the best way to protect everyone. 

  • The Boss

    “The Boss” (Universal) is obviously intended as a comedy vehicle for its star and co-writer, Melissa McCarthy.

  • The stuff dreams are made of

    It’s the 75th anniversary of the release of the film noir classic film “The Maltese Falcon” and a friend of mine sent me an article/retrospective about this movie that got me thinking. The critique brought up a point about not only the film, but the main literary thrust of the story’s creator Dashiel Hammet that I had heretofore not fully realized.

  • Bill Cunningham New York

    Bill Cunningham, the subject of the 2010 documentary “Bill Cunningham New York,” is a fashion photographer who for years has maintained two spreads in “The New York Times.”

  • Miracles From Heaven

    The fact-based drama “Miracles From Heaven” (Columbia) tells a remarkable story.

    Though director Patricia Riggen’s screen version of Christy Beam’s 2015 memoir is clearly designed for believers, even skeptics may have trouble dismissing its underlying narrative.

  • St. Joseph takes center stage in film on Christ's childhood

    In his new film, “The Young Messiah,” Director Cyrus Nowrasteh knew that he needed to break the mold when it came to depicting Jesus’ foster-father, St. Joseph.

  • Young Messiah

    It’s a seemingly glaring omission likely to strike even casual readers of the New Testament as disappointing: With the notable exception of the finding of Jesus in the Temple, the Gospel writers are entirely silent about their subject’s childhood.

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    Audacious, witty, intelligent and skillfully made, “10 Cloverfield Lane” (Paramount) — a bracing combination of suspense and science fiction — is also refreshingly free of vulgarity.

  • Between Worlds: How ‘The Young Messiah’ film brought its director closer to Christ

    Cyrus Nowrasteh has spent his entire life caught in between cultural viewpoints. Born in the U.S., his parents moved him back to their native Iran as a boy for several years, and he was drawn to visit again as a young adult.

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Praying for holiness and the kingdom

Archbishop José H. Gomez

The Church’s saints have always recognized that the Lord’s Prayer is a summary of his whole Gospel. And each word and phrase in the prayer is a rich source for us to contemplate and reflect on.


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