• Book details collaboration of Roncalli and his Venetian chancellor

    A book published this month in Italian reveals the collaborative relationship between John XXIII, when he was Patriarch of Venice, and his chancellor at the time, Fr. Sergio Sambin.

  • Vatican journalists remember John Paul II in new book

    A newly published book gathers the memories of 13 journalists and communications specialists about John Paul II, including those of Fr. Giorgio Costantino, spokesman of the Synod of Bishops.

  • Methol Ferré: the philosopher who inspired Pope Francis

    “The Pope and the Philosopher,” a book-interview with Alberto Methol Ferré -- an Uruguayan philosopher who influenced Jorge Bergoglio -- has been recently reprinted in Spanish and Italian.

  • ‘Characters from the Gospels’: For Lent or anytime

    Msgr. Francis Weber, the noted historian and archdiocesan archivist emeritus, has borrowed a phrase from Shakespeare as the theme for his latest endeavor — “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

  • Books: The link between religion and violence

    Like it or not, religion has always taken a central place in the world's violence. While William Abraham's "Shaking Hands with the Devil" (Highland Loch Press, 2013) and John Allen's "The Global War on Christians" (Image Books, 2013)  discuss very different issues, the authors share the same aim of reducing the stereotyping about religion and the religious that seems a constant in our secularized world.

  • Books offer information, encouragement on priesthood today

    Father Lawrence B. Porter’s "The Assault on Priesthood," in this reviewer's opinion, Father Porter's book should be required reading in all seminaries.

  • From Msgr. Weber: ‘Some Memories of the Catholic Hierarchy’

    Professing that this is his last book (amidst a treasury of 173 volumes), Msgr. Francis Weber, the former columnist for The Tidings and archdiocesan archivist, shares the memories of 21 notable church leaders he has known --- briefly or otherwise --- in “Some Memories of the Catholic Hierarchy.”

  • A Christmas round-up of Roman Catholic Books

    Roman Catholic Books (BooksforCatholics.com) is a small but vibrant publishing house that’s been around 17 years putting out new and reprinted titles touching on a wide array of Catholic topics. Here are some titles just in time for Christmas gift-giving:

  • New books offer options for spiritual reading during Advent

    Here is a selection of recent releases that might be suitable for your spiritual reading during Advent, which begins Dec. 1, and the Christmas season:
  • Two books offer Catholic framework for immigration debate

    On 'Strangers No Longer': Perspectives on the Historic U.S.-Mexican Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Migration, edited by Todd Scribner and J. Kevin Appleby. Paulist Press (Mahwah, N.J., 2013). 358 pp., $27.95.
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Growing in our knowledge of Jesus Christ

Archbishop José H. Gomez

It’s back-to-school time, a great time of year.

I know many of you have been getting ready for the new school year with your kids and grandchildren. All of the archdiocese, confirmation and religious education programs are starting up again in our parishes.

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September 17, 2014

  • Wednesday, September 17

    Mission Santa Inés Founding Mass, trilingual celebration to commemorate 210th anniversary, 7 p.m., 1760 Mission Dr., Solvang. (805) 688-4815.

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