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Where Pope Francis And The First Family Found Common Ground

It’s hard to imagine a meeting between Pope Francis and Donald J. Trump going better than it did on May 23. A warm reception. Respect and humility. The president seemed uncharacteristically somewhat speechless after the private half-hour encounter the two had after all the on-camera greetings....

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Media, Trump, Church

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. That’s been the story of Donald Trump’s relationship with the media for a long time, and we aren’t seeing the end of it yet. I don’t wish to add to the hysteria by declaring this situation a crisis. But if it’s not that, what is it?  It...

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Sunday Readings For May 27 & 28- 7th Sunday Of Easter, Celebration Of The Ascension Of The Lord

Jesus has been taken up into heaven as we begin the first reading. His disciples — including the apostles and Mary — return to the upper room where he celebrated the Last Supper (see Luke 22:12). There, they devote themselves with one accord to prayer, awaiting the Spirit that he promised...

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Signs That Egypt May Have Been A Papal Trip That Mattered

Since Blessed Paul VI was dubbed the “Pilgrim Pope” for becoming the first pontiff to leave Italy since 1809, and the first ever to visit the Western Hemisphere, Africa and Asia, popes so far have made 157 foreign trips — 104 of those, for the record, belonging to St. John Paul II alone. To be...

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Coming Full Circle: From Storybooks To Spirituality

My first love was literature: novels and poetry. As a child, I loved storybooks, mysteries and adventures. In grade school, I was made to memorize poetry and loved the exercise. High school introduced me to more serious literature — Shakespeare, Kipling, Keats, Wordsworth, Browning. On the side,...

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A Life To Be Cherished

I hadn’t been to Holy Cross Cemetery since I visited my younger brother’s grave many years ago. Hidden from the view of the 405 Freeway, it was here that we brought the body of my father-in-law, his final trip to Culver City, the town that first welcomed him so many decades before. When we...


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Since 1895, The Tidings has been telling the story of the Catholic Church — both here in Los Angeles and across the globe. On July 1, 2016, we transformed the Tidings newspaper into a multimedia platform, Angelus News.

Angelus is the weekly print “home” for, John Allen and his colleague, Inés San Martin. Nationally known Catholic journalists and essayists like Ruben Navarrette, Kathryn Lopez, Grazie Pozo Christie, and Mike Aquilina regularly contribute. Best-selling Catholic author, Dr. Scott Hahn, writes a weekly Scripture column for us. These voices complement key contributors like Archbishop Gomez, Bishop Robert Barron, Father Ronald Rolheiser and Heather King.

Angelus News provides national and worldwide reporting, stunning photography and a design that’s attractive to Catholics of every age. Features include: a weekly newsmagazine, a complete daily digital edition, social media channels and Always Forward, our weekday digital newsletter.

As the largest archdiocese in the United States, we have a great story to tell. Our parishes, pastors and community of faith are the core of our story. And Angelus News tells it well.


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‘Science Is Fiction: 23 Films By Jean Painlevé’

Jean Painlevé (1902-1989) was an early visionary in the genres of educational, science and nature films. A three-disc set from Criterion, available on Netflix, is called “Science is Fiction: 23 Films by Jean Painlevé.” In an introduction to “Science is Fiction,” editor Marian McDougall wrote:...

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Let Our Lives Be Good And The Times Will Be Good

It is said that the world measures time in hours and minutes, while the Church thinks in terms of centuries. That is true. But there is something else that is important in how we look at the world as Catholics: Catholics also understand that there is more to this world than meets the...

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Sunday Readings For May 20 & 21 -Sixth Sunday Of Easter

Jesus will not leave us alone. He won’t make us children of God in baptism only to leave us “orphans,” he assures us in the Gospel (see Romans 8:14-17). He asks the Father to give us his Spirit, to dwell with us and keep us united in the life he shares with the Father. We see the promised...

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A Message From Heaven: God Is The Only Way To Peace

Jesus said to his first disciples, and to all future disciples, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you.” But political leaders, governments, corporations and countless people seek the false and fleeting peace of the world which seduces the...

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Despair As Weakness Rather Than Sin

Classically, both in the world and in our churches, we have seen despair as the ultimate, unforgivable sin. The simple notion was that neither God, nor anyone else, can save you if you simply give up, despair or make yourself impossible to reach. Most often in the popular mind this was applied to...

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Top Vatican Scientist Calls On Scientists Who Believe To ‘Come Out’

There’s an episode of “The Simpsons” that pivots on the discovery of a fossil that appears to be in the form of an angel, which triggers a round of religious fervor until it’s revealed to be a publicity stunt for the opening of a new mall. This being America, the affair gave rise to a lawsuit...

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Corita Kent

The Center for Spiritual Renewal in Montecito was founded by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a community with an interesting history. Visiting there recently, I spotted a coffee-table book entitled “Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent.” Anyone who grew up in the New Hampshire...

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The Rosary Is The Prayer For Our Times

Recently, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about brain research. Researchers are finding that people who use a “personal mantra” — mentally repeating over and over a positive word or phrase that reinforces their values — tend to be calmer, feel more in control and are less...

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Doping Athletes

The use of performance-enhancing drugs by professional athletes not only leads to serious challenges in maintaining a level playing field in competitive sports but also raises broader ethical issues and concerns. Some of these concerns were highlighted in 2015 when the former world number one...