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Sunday Readings For March 25 & 26

God’s ways of seeing are not our ways, we hear in the first reading. Jesus illustrates this in the Gospel — as the blind man comes to see and the Pharisees are made blind. The blind man stands for all humanity. “Born totally in sin” he is made a new creation by the saving power of...

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Sunday Readings For March 18 & 19

The Israelites’ hearts were hardened by their hardships in the desert. Though they saw God’s mighty deeds, in their thirst they grumble and put God to the test in the first reading — a crisis point recalled also in the psalm. Jesus is thirsty, too, in the Gospel. He thirsts for souls (see...

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Sunday Readings For March 11 & 12

The Gospel portrays Jesus as a new and greater Moses. Moses also took three companions up a mountain and on the seventh day was overshadowed by the shining cloud of God’s presence. He, too, spoke with God and his face and clothing were made radiant in the encounter (see Exodus 24,34). But...

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Sunday Readings For March 4 & 5

In the liturgy, the destiny of the human race is told as the tale of two “types” of men — the first man, Adam, and the new Adam, Jesus (see 1 Corinthians 15:21–22; 45–59). Paul’s argument in the epistle is built on a series of contrasts between “one” or “one person” and “the many” or “all.” By...

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Sunday Readings For February 25 & 26

We are by nature prone to be anxious and troubled about many things. In the Gospel, Jesus confronts us with our most common fears. We are anxious mostly about how we will meet our material needs — for food and drink; for clothing; for security for tomorrow. Yet in seeking security and...

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Sunday Readings For February 18 & 19

We are called to the holiness of God. That is the extraordinary claim made in both the first reading and Gospel. Yet how is it possible that we can be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect? Jesus explains that we must be imitators of God as his beloved children (see Ephesians...


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Sunday Readings For February 11 & 12

Jesus tells us in the Gospel that he has come not to abolish but to “fulfill” the Law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets. His Gospel reveals the deeper meaning and purpose of the Ten Commandments and the moral Law of the Old Testament. But his Gospel also transcends the law. He demands...

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Sunday Readings For February 4 & 5

Jesus came among us as light to scatter the darkness of a fallen world. As his disciples, we, too, are called to be “the light of the world,” he tells us in the Gospel (see John 1:4, 9; 8:12; 9:5). All three images that Jesus uses to describe the Church are associated with the identity and...

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Sunday Readings For January 28 & 29

In the readings since Christmas, Jesus has been revealed as the new royal son of David and Son of God. He is sent to lead a new exodus that brings Israel out of captivity to the nations and brings all the nations to God. As Moses led Israel from Egypt through the sea to give them God’s law on...

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Sunday Readings For January 21 & 22

Sunday’s liturgy gives us a lesson in ancient Israelite geography and history. Isaiah’s prophecy in the first reading is quoted by Matthew in the Gospel. Both intend to recall the apparent fall of the everlasting kingdom promised to David (see 2 Samuel 7:12-13; Psalm 89; Psalm...

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Sunday Readings For January 14 & 15

Jesus speaks through the prophet Isaiah in Sunday’s first reading. He tells us of the mission given to him by the Father from the womb: “‘You are my servant,’ he said to me.” Servant and son, our Lord was sent to lead a new exodus — to raise up the exiled tribes of Israel, to gather and...

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Sunday Readings For December 24 & 25 - Christmas

The Church’s liturgy rings in Christmas with a joyful noise. We hear of uplifted voices, trumpets and horns and melodies of praise. In the first reading, Isaiah foretells Israel’s liberation from captivity and exile in Babylon. He envisions a triumphant homecoming to Zion marked by joyful...

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Sunday Readings For December 17 & 18

The mystery kept secret for long ages, promised through his prophets in the Holy Scriptures, is revealed (see Romans 16:25-26). This is the “Gospel of God” that Paul celebrates in the epistle — the good news that “God is with us” in Jesus Christ. The sign promised to the House of David in the...

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Sunday Readings For December 10 & 11

He knows that Jesus is doing “the works of the Messiah,” foretold in the first reading and psalm. But John wants his disciples — and us — to know that the judge is at the gate, that in Jesus our God has come to save us. The liturgy of Advent takes us out into the desert to see and hear the...

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Sunday Readings For December 3 & 4

“The kingdom of heaven is at hand,” John proclaims. And the liturgy paints us a vivid portrait of our new king and the shape of the kingdom he has come to bring. The Lord whom John prepares the way for in the Gospel is the righteous king prophesied in the first reading and psalm. He is the king’s...