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Francis Faces High-Wire Act In Egypt, And Not Just On Islam

From the outside, the defining high-wire act Pope Francis would seem to face on his April 28-29 outing to Egypt is the Christian/Muslim relationship. Observers will expect him to strike the right balance between praising Islam as a religion of peace, while also pressing Islamic leaders to...

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Vatican’s Top African Challenges Trump To Think Globally

In October 2009, Cardinal Peter Turkson, then the archbishop of Cape Coast in Ghana, came to Rome for a Synod of Bishops on Africa expecting to spend a month. Eight years later he’s still here, having been named to a Vatican office at the end of that summit and now heading Pope Francis’ new...

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Racism: Lessons From The African Church

ROME — Racism in Africa has a long and bloody history, born not only from years of colonization, but also from deeply rooted ethnic and tribal divisions. From its experience, the African continent can offer guidelines when it comes to addressing racism: have a sense of humor, be united and be...

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An African Moment: Rome Summit Marks Launch Of ‘African Catholicism 2.0’

ROME — In the classic film “The Princess Bride,” the Inigo Montoya character late in the movie is faced with the challenge of recounting the storyline up to that point. He says, “Let me `splain … no, there is too much. Let me sum up.” I’ve got a similar sensation in the wake of a March 22-25...

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What Happens When Persecuted Christians Fight Back?

In recent months, hundreds of lives have been lost in southern Kaduna State in central Nigeria as a result of violence pitting nomadic ranchers against local farmers. As it happens, the vast majority of those ranchers are Muslim and the farmers Christian, so inevitably the situation has a clear...

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L.A. Archbishop Illustrates Topsy-Turvy Politics Of Trump Era

With the Donald Trump presidency, we’re in a through-the-looking-glass moment in America, in which the previously implausible on multiple fronts has become the new normal. That includes the political profile of the U.S. Catholic bishops, and perhaps no one illustrates the point better than...


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Rules Of Thumb For Processing The Latest Papal Bombshell

So many aspects of Pope Francis’ personality either delight or consternate people, depending on their perspective, that it seems almost reductive to single out one element. If you were going to put all those things on a list, however, pride of place almost certainly would have to go to his...

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Foreign Nuns, Priests Embody Historic Opportunity For U.S. Church

If American Catholicism has an Achille’s heel, it’s sometimes an attenuated sense of how we fit into the rest of the Catholic world. A bit of basic math will help explain why that’s a problem. As of early 2017, there were just under 1.3 billion Catholics in the world, and around 70 million in...

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A Lesson About Life In A Global Church

By any measure, Father Vladimír Fekete, the Catholic Church’s apostolic prefect of Azerbaijan, has a tough gig. He’s the head of an infinitesimally small Catholic community, estimated at about 600 souls in an overwhelmingly Shia Muslim population of 10 million, and one that has to make its way...

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A Dose Of Reality About The Steve Bannon/Cardinal Burke Axis

Everyone loves a conspiracy theory, and of late English-language media have been giddy with speculation that President Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon and American Cardinal Raymond Burke, seen as a leading traditionalist critic of Pope Francis, have formed a pact to “legitimize...

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Amid Anti-Francis Blowback, Humor Is A Ray Of Hope

In the wake of the latest Roman expression of anti-Pope Francis backlash, in this case a satirical spoof of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano designed to make the pontiff look wishy-washy on Catholic doctrine on marriage, let’s stipulate one thing right away. Anonymous potshots such...

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For Catholics, Trump’s SCOTUS Pick May Stir Both Hopes And Fears

Anyone familiar with Catholic social teaching knows it’s often not a good fit for the left versus right dynamics of American culture, and we got another reminder of the point on Jan. 31 with President Donald Trump’s pick of Neil Gorsuch, an Episcopalian, as the next associate justice on the U.S....

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Parsing Pope Francis’ Puzzling Take On Religion In China

Understandably, most reaction to Pope Francis’ latest blockbuster interview, in this case with the Spanish newspaper El Pais, focused on his comments on populism, including Donald Trump. Whenever you have the pope warning against the lure of political “saviors” promising to solve crises with...

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As Trump Takes Office, He And Francis Share A Russia Problem

As President Donald Trump took office Jan. 20, he entered that vaguely defined set of “major world leaders.” Though we could debate who else belongs, it would include the prime minister of the UK, the chancellor of Germany, the secretary-general of the UN, the president of Russia, and the...

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Charismatic Steubenville Leader Who Defined An Era Dies At 85

There are certain figures who embody broader transitions, and others who actually drive those shifts rather than simply riding the wave. Father Michael Scanlan, who died on Jan. 7 at the age of 85, was clearly both. Father Scanlan, a member of the Third Order Regular Franciscans, was the...