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Archbishop José H. Gomez

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Let Our Lives Be Good And The Times Will Be Good

It is said that the world measures time in hours and minutes, while the Church thinks in terms of centuries. That is true. But there is something else that is important in how we look at the world as Catholics: Catholics also understand that there is more to this world than meets the...

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The Rosary Is The Prayer For Our Times

Recently, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about brain research. Researchers are finding that people who use a “personal mantra” — mentally repeating over and over a positive word or phrase that reinforces their values — tend to be calmer, feel more in control and are less...

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Saints In The Heart Of The Secular City

Editor’s note: On May 6, Archbishop Gomez accepted an Honorary Doctorate and delivered the commencement address at Marymount California University in Los Angeles. The following is adapted from his remarks. His complete address is available at ArchbishopGomez.com. My friends, you are graduating...

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Mary’s Message Of Peace And Hope

May is a beautiful time here in Southern California — especially this year, when we have been blessed with an abundance of rain and an end to our long drought.  Flowers are in bloom and fruit is full on the trees and, of course, we are early in the Easter season, a season of joy and new...

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The Witness Of The ‘New Martyrs'

The Church is a Church of martyrs — always and everywhere, in every time and in every place. As Pope Francis said this past weekend, “the ancient history of martyrdom joins the memory of the new martyrs” being killed today. “All of these are the living blood of the Church,” he said. The...

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‘It Is The Lord!’

“It is the Lord!” This was the cry of St. John when he saw Jesus standing on the shore at the Sea of Tiberius in the days after the Resurrection. For me these words get us close to the “essence” of Easter. We hear the sense of wonder, all the amazement that the disciples felt — their joy...


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Holy Week And The Obedience Of Faith

We are entering the holiest week of the Christian year. Beginning with Passion Sunday, we will trace the final steps of our Lord’s journey to the cross. It is a road of sorrow that we know leads to his death. But on this road every sorrow is turned to joy because we know we will stand at his...

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Some Lenten Reflections On Our Christian Vocation

We are halfway down the road in our Lenten journey toward Easter. This past Sunday we celebrated “Laetare Sunday” — the Sunday of joy and rejoicing! We are rejoicing, of course, because we see that the “end” is in sight. Because we are anticipating the joy of the Resurrection. During these...

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Back To Lent

How is your Lent going? These first few weeks have been really busy for me. I can imagine that in your life, too, you feel the “pull” of many responsibilities and demands on your time. We need to encourage each other to keep moving forward in the spirit of Lent. We start off Lent with...

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On Immigration, Seeking The Balance Of Love And The Law

Editor’s note: On March 8, Archbishop Gomez addressed a gathering of Catholics and other leaders in politics and business at a symposium hosted by the Napa Institute in Washington, D.C.  The text below is adapted from his address. To read his full talk, “Where Do We Go From Here? Why We Cannot...

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God’s Beautiful Plan Of Love

We have begun the spiritual journey of Lent. And always at the beginning of Lent, the Church in her liturgy calls us back to our “beginnings.” On the first Sunday of Lent, we hear the story of Adam and Eve, our first parents. It is not only the story of how the human race began. It is also...

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At A World Meeting Of Popular Movements

I am writing this week from Modesto, where I am attending a conference sponsored by the Vatican. It is the United States regional meeting of the World Meeting of Popular Movements. This is a project initiated by Pope Francis several years ago. It seeks to bring together Church leaders with...

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The Joy Of Marriage

This past weekend I had the joy to celebrate World Marriage Day and preside over the renewal of wedding vows for 64 couples, including one couple who have been married for 71 years. It was a beautiful, touching moment for me to pray with these couples and to support them as they are trying to...

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Salt And Light

This new year so far has been a whirlwind. I was reading a Washington columnist the other day who described the way things look from the nation’s capitol: “We are living through big history and no one here knows where it’s going or how this period ends. Everyone — left, right and center —...

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On The Executive Orders

Last week was hard. It is sad to see it come to this — that the president of the United States must define, by an executive order, the precise meaning of the word “wall.” “‘Wall’ shall mean a contiguous, physical wall or other similarly secure, contiguous and impassable physical barrier,”...